Purchasing and Billing

What is your refund policy?

Once applicant has been enrolled and the account is set up, applicant must continue working in good faith with Reliant Credit Repair through the completion of the first 90 days. Applicant agrees to send all correspondence received from any credit agency to Reliant Credit Repair. After the 90th day, if the applicant is not satisfied, applicant may request a refund less $125 (one hundred twenty five dollars) for processing their account over 90 days and less $25 (twenty five dollars) for each inaccurate credit item removed or corrected during the time applicant was enrolled in the services of Reliant Credit Repair. No refunds will be issued where balances are due or where only partial or installment payments have been made.

2. Can I cancel my credit repair service?

You may cancel the service at any time; however, we ask that you give the repair process adequate time. While the engagement agreement covers the delivery of legal services one month at a time, for the best outcome, you should allow ample time for our work to show results. That means providing us with the necessary credit reports and sufficient time for our work to come to full fruition.

You can cancel your engagement agreement at any time by calling 800-707-7492

Client satisfaction is extremely important to us and we will go to great lengths to keep you satisfied with our work and our progress.

4. How many plans do you offer?

We offer several different plans based on your budget and unique situation. Learn more about our plans by calling a credit repair specialist today at 800-707-7492

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